Ok, let’s face it, we all know that Pilates has been gaining more momentum lately than in previous years and if you love exercise, interested in relocating or travelling the world while doing something more satisfying – I encourage you to take up Pilates. Pilates really is the future sport for the next generation, and we love to see this transpiring.

I am always so happy to share my journey because it opened bigger doors than I could have ever imagined! I have always loved exercise and travel however I had an 8-5 job, and we all know how that can be difficult, especially for someone who craves change often.

I started doing my Pilates client exercise classes in 2018 at Pilates Dynamics® in Johannesburg Randburg.  I enjoyed my classes intensively and one day it so happened that I had a class right after their Pilates Instructor Training Courses group. I spoke to the Pilates Students a bit and I asked for the Course Info Pack and a few days later, I found myself incredibly intrigued by the opportunities of becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor.  I decided to enrol into one of their courses and I felt so alive. The lecturers are very hands-on and extremely detailed and I completed the course. I was still working full-time and therefore trained clients at the studio on a part-time base.  During the Covid 19 pandemic, I ended up being laid off from work.  I then decided to start teaching Pilates online and I am I have relocated to Australia with my family to follow my dream.

Let us explore the benefits of taking Pilates Courses with Pilates Dynamics👏🏽😊:

As a Student

Taking a Pilates Class and doing the Pilates Mat Course would be the obvious first step as you go through your journey to becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor. 

1. Cuing Epiphanies

Doing my Pilates Courses with Pilates Dynamics® taught me the importance of cuing as an Instructor. There are so many instructors out there who are talented, but they struggle with their cuing techniques. As a student, I never used to understand why so much emphasis was being put on this but now that I am fully qualified, hearing my clients compliment me especially on my cuing, it makes me feel happy with choosing Pilates Dynamics® as my educator of choice.

2. Mutual Support

Working with other students as part of a group is so wholesome because you learn from each other, making the learning process more fun and engaging. When you work with a group of people who share similar goals you have, it makes the learning process a lot easier. We were always encouraged to frequent the studio and get our bodies used to movement and exploring our capabilities and the FREE access to the studio for completion of our practical hours makes Pilates Dynamics® extra special to me- not only me but the rest of my classmates loved that as well. We got so familiar with the equipment and eventually teaching became easier because we had already built confidence.

3. Affordability

At the beginning of your journey learning to be a Pilates Instructor, you do not want to break the bank and for the dedication you get from Pilates Dynamics, the pricing is great. They even have a payment plan that you can follow if you would like to. We get a lot of detailed study information, which is very helpful because sometimes life gets so busy with other things and knowing that you receive that kind of supporting material to help make life easier for you, is incredible.

4. Top-tier quality Lecturers

The lecturers of the courses have been exposed to numerous styles of Pilates and have many years of training and education experience, with additional formal qualifications in Human Movement. The Courses are taught in a very in-depth and intensive manner and offer an integration of anatomy, injuries and pathologies with recommendations and contra-indications, and exercise goals to ensure an understanding of the work.

5. Visual and Physical Learning

You will have access to exercise videos of the exercises presented in the manual to assist you with your early learning and this is perfect because you can study from anywhere if you cannot make it to the studio. Remember, you will have FREE access to the Studio and its equipment like the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Wunda Chair, Pilates Towers, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Ladder Barrel, and a variety of small equipment like Ballet Barre, TRX, Bosus, Kettlebells, Free Weights, Pilates Balls-big and small, Thera-bands, Foam Rollers, Pilates Air Cushions, Pilates Arc Barrels, Pilates Step Barrels, Aerobic Toning Bars, Exercise Rotation Discs, to name but a few.

Students are encouraged to work with a Pilates Instructor (Mentor) by booking additional training sessions during the course at a fee, to ensure proper preparation prior to the exams, but students also have the choice to find their own Mentor who needs to be pre-approved by the studio in order to make sure that the way they teach you falls in line with the way the Studio teaches to avoid a mix up of methods which can cause frustration and confusion for some people.

6. Possible Job Opportunity

The lead Instructor is hands-on and very involved in the training of students and If you are done training and you need a job, Pilates Dynamics®   will consider you for a job first, before any other Instructors. Their successful Pilates Students have not had any problem being employed internationally.

Now, you could be wondering why exactly a Certified Pilates Instructor is a route you should consider taking, and I will break it down below. 

1. Financially Beneficial

You don’t wake up one day and become successful just because you are a qualified Instructor. Most clients will love the way you conduct your classes depending on your skill and knowledge and above all, your confidence! You cannot reach your best potential if you do not have the right Pilates qualification to provide you with confidence in your teaching.

Pilates Dynamics® moulded me in such a way that wherever I teach, my knowledge and confidence show and people started making bookings with me a lot more. When you know what you are worth, your clients will know it too and they will be willing to pay for that service because they trust and believe in you. That is always great because they start recommending you to other people as well. You can relocate anywhere in the world with these Courses as they are Internationally recognized. If you love exercise, you can take Pilates as a full-time Career, and you will not regret it.

2. Expanding business opportunity

Sometimes you might not be ready to leave your 8-5 and that is okay. You can always have your Pilates as an extra source of income. You can teach Pilates In-studio if you want, or you can do it in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. The possibilities to earn are endless when you invest in high-quality Pilates Education that does not offer watered-down courses.

Since you are already here, feel free to check out the Course Info Pack.

Teaching group classes can often lead to some people converting to being private clients, therefore more business comes your way. You can teach as a Group class substitute teacher at different studios, and this would be a great opportunity to make a little extra money and build relationships at studios. 

For a Pilates Lecturer, nothing beats the feeling of watching students putting in the effort and making progress and ultimately achieving their goals. Being hands-on with your course is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to see the best results.  Remember that Practice makes Perfect. 

How do I get started with my Pilates Journey at Pilates Dynamics?

Contact Pilates Dynamics on: 0729992229 or 0117925459 or
Email us on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za