As a qualified Pilates Mat Instructor, there comes a time when you should enhance your existing Mat work Pilates Skills and add a Reformer course, to create additional opportunities. 

As one of our former Pilates Students said: I am so glad that I took this opportunity and 2 years after my Pilates Mat course, got my Reformer Qualification. I can honestly say that it has added so much value to my existing Pilates knowledge and skills and opened up so many doors.  Going overseas, most studios need you to have a Pilates Reformer and/or Pilates Machines qualifications, as most studios have the Large machines/equipment, like the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Towers.” 

Different Types of Pilates

Another student that studied through Pilates Dynamics advised the following:  “I was a physiotherapist by profession with a Mat Qualification and then I decided to pursue Pilates full time and I recently added an Intensive Reformer qualification.  I am now moving to Australia in a few months because of my career change and I couldn’t be happier.”

Why Pilates Dynamics Should be Your Educator of Choice

At Pilates Dynamics, you get to learn an extensive repertoire together with modifications to make the exercises either more complex and/or easier.  The curriculum is of such a nature that it allows for people who require not only rehabilitation but also allows for athletic and sports performance.  Each exercise is categorized in terms of a full body workout and the goals and objectives of the exercises are explained so that anyone understands the WHY, WHEN, AND HOW of each exercise together with muscle focus, recommendations, and contra-indications for certain population groups and movement restrictions.

Different Types of Pilates

Reformer Pilates is the fab of the century and we don’t see it changing anytime soon with all gyms, studios and clinics needing reformer instructors to lead their classes. You will be in high demand with the Pilates Dynamics Intensive reformer course, led by internationally recognized instructors.

Different Types of Pilates

The Course is hosted over 2 weekends covers effective use of the reformer to enhance torso stability and strength, peripheral extremity conditioning, joint stability, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

The Reformer is one of the most popular pieces of equipment in Pilates due to its versatility.

How Well Equipped is the Pilates Dynamics Studio?

Pilates Dynamics has got one of the most beautiful fully equipped state-of-the-art studios and you will never miss out on anything. You can come in-studio and use one of our many Reformers for self-practice or observation of a class.

Different Types of Pilates

Are the Courses at Pilates Dynamics comprehensive?

There is nothing worse than completing a Course only to discover afterwards that you do not have sufficient skills to teach people from different walks of life. The Pilates Dynamics Course will leave you feeling ready and confident to teach anywhere in the world as the course goes the extra mile to cover injuries and pathologies as well.  Once you start off as a Pilates Teacher, you will be presented with people who have injuries and movement restrictions, and you thus need to be prepared for the REAL WORLD. 

What else is covered in the Pilates courses?

Pilates Dynamics provides you with a manual that is super easy to follow with room to add notes during your lecture weekends. You are also given video links to all the exercises as an additional guide to assist you during your early learning.  

Does Pilates Dynamics offer free access to the Studio for self-practice and observation of classes?

Yes, most definitely!  It is important to Pilates Dynamics as top-tier educators to make sure that students have access to the studio and all its equipment to make learning easier and to understand the use of this equipment in terms of its benefits.  Students can visit the studio for FREE and observe classes, do self-practice or even work on their teacher training practice with “clients.” 

Are the lectures Hands-on learning and teaching? 

The Lectures are very hands-on and involved throughout the entire learning process.  We just need you to be present and stay involved and committed.  

Our Pilates lecturers have as much as 16 years of experience and knowledge.  At Pilates Dynamics, we create world-class Pilates Instructors so that they can deliver world-class training to their clients and in studios across the world.

Different Types of Pilates

How do I obtain more information?

For more information regarding class bookings, or our Pilates courses, contact us on
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