Pilates Dynamics is hands down one of the best Certified Pilates Educator in Johannesburg South Africa. At Pilates Dynamics, you get to learn an extensive repertoire together with modifications to make the exercises either more complex and/or easier.  The curriculum is of such a nature that it allows for Pilates Instructor to acquire not only rehabilitation skills, but also allows for athletic and sports conditioning to enhance performance. The Pilates method is an excellent training method for Runners, Cyclists, Strength training, CrossFit training, Weight training, Soccer players, Cricketers, and Golfers.

Each exercise is categorized in terms of a full body workout and the goals and objectives of the exercises are explained so that anyone understands the WHY, WHEN, AND HOW of each exercise together with muscle focus, recommendations, and contra-indications for certain population groups and those with movement restrictions.

These Courses are ideal for Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Occupational Therapists, Dancers, Personal Trainers, Exercise Specialists and Fitness Specialists and even people with a Corporate position who wants to change careers – as long as your passion is exercise and fitness. Should you not have any prior learning in Anatomy and Movement Science, or should you just need to brush up on your Anatomy, do not despair as Anatomy is included in our Courses.

How do I become a Pilates instructor in South Africa?

The first thing you need to do is to find a reputable studio that does not offer you watered down or condensed Pilates Courses. We have had students come into our studio wanting to do the Intensive Reformer Course but then they realize that their Mat Qualification has left them with little to no confidence in their teaching skills as Pilates Instructors.

To join us at Pilates Dynamics, you can read up on our courses and contact us: https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/pilates-teacher-training-courses/


Pilates Instructor guiding student using pilates bench

How do you become a Pilates reformer trainer?

After having done your Pilates Mat course lectures, you can continue with your Pilates Reformer lectures at Pilates Dynamics so that you can obtain your Pilates Reformer qualification. Should you already be in possession of a Pilates Mat Course qualification, you can sign up for our Intensive Pilates Reformer course. Once you have completed your lectures, you will start with your Pilates Reformer practical training hours. The Pilates Reformer course practical hours are made up of client training, personal practice, and observation hours as per our Course Info Pack.

We understand that sometimes not everyone wants to learn in a group, or maybe your time schedule simply does not align with our group lecture dates, therefore you can also do this course on a private (one-on-one) basis and do the lectures at times and on days that suits you. You can contact Pilates Dynamics for more information on how to schedule private lecture hours for your Pilates Mat Course or your Pilates Reformer Course.

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How long does it take to become a reformer Pilates instructor?

Pilates Dynamics gives you a full calendar year to finish your course from your starting date. If you are part of a Pilates Mat or a Pilates Reformer Group Course and you decide to finish your course a lot earlier than the rest of the group, you can elect to write your exams at any time, subject to availability of examiners at Pilates Dynamics.

Why not do a shorter course or maybe an online Pilates course?

No, No, No. Do not do yourself a dis-service. You do not want to spend your valuable time and money to engage in an online Pilates course or on a condensed Pilate course, only to find out afterwards when you apply for a Pilates Instructor or you attempt to start you own studio – that you do not know enough to train Pilates.

The hazards of doing a short Pilates course or a condensed Pilates course or an online Pilate course are a plenty. With the shorter and less in-depth courses there is quite often less time available to be thorough with the material that is being delivered, and the quality of the material itself comes into question.

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Can I teach Reformer Pilates without a Mat qualification?

No. A Pilates Mat qualification forms the basis of your Reformer course. You can always complete the Pilates Mat lectures and then follow on with your Pilates Reformer lectures, which will make the Reformer course seem a lot easier to complete.

If I have an Anatomical background, do I have to repeat the Anatomy section of the Pilates Mat Course?

Should you be a Biokineticist or a Physiotherapist and you do not wish to repeat the Anatomy part of the Pilates Mat course, you can apply for the principle of RPL whereby Pilates Dynamics will consider crediting your anatomical knowledge and background so that you do not have to repeat that section of the course.

Can I find employment at Pilates Dynamics upon completion of my Pilates Mat and/or Pilates Reformer Course?

Most definitely yes. Pilates Dynamics offer Internships as well as employment opportunities for Pilates Instructors.

When does the next Pilates Mat Course start?

Our next Mat Course starts 9th of September 2023. You can view our course info pack for more information on times and dates.

When does the next Pilates Reformer Course start?

Our next Reformer course starts on Saturday 26 August 2023. You can view our course info pack for more information on times and dates.

Pilates Instructor guiding student using pilates bench

Am I too old to be a Pilates instructor?

Regardless of your age, conditioning, or ability, it’s never too late to start your journey as a Pilates Instructor. There is good income to derive from being a great Pilates Instructor which can support your livelihood for years to come. Just like with anything else in life, you need to be willing to put in the required effort for you to be successful.

Age is just a number and if you join us and let us educate and mentor you, you will see you have nothing to worry about. As long as you put the effort and consistency in your practical and continuous learning practice, you will succeed.

Pilates Dynamic Team

What to look for when choosing a Pilates educator

When you are looking for a Pilates educator, why settle for 3rd best or 2nd best when you can have the number one option? Pilates Dynamics Studio has been operating long enough and we are passionate and serious about our tuition and our students. The Course content is carefully and regularly updated to make sure our students get top tier education.

Our previous students have had a chance to work at our studio before eventually relocating all around the world and some have opened their own spaces. Some Pilates Instructors are mobile Pilates trainers. Here are some comments from clients who trained with Pilates Instructors who previously qualified with Pilates Dynamics:-

“I am an absolute beginner with not the best coordination and terrible balance. I have been gently guided in one-on-one sessions and encouraged in classes no matter how difficult I find it. My body has strengthened far faster than I thought possible. Love my classes and the caring, calm, professional environment.”

Jeanine Kerr

I thoroughly enjoy my Reformer classes . the instructor is incredibly attentive to detail and doesn’t let me take the easy way out of any exercise. As a result, I have become more aware of my own body and its capabilities. Instead of trying to go easy on myself, I’ve come to enjoy pushing my body and using the correct muscles and form to get each exercise right.

-Stephanie Byl

“What a privilege to work at such a stunning studio in Frankfurt.  Andriesa Benecke Verloop thank you so much for the good wishes.  I will be teaching Reformer classes.  Some of my best memories are working at your studio @Pilatesdynamics.  I learnt so much, thank you for that!”

Tanya Keating

I can suggest Pilates Dynamics to everyone who is looking for qualified trainers. I am doing my prenatal Pilates private lessons with instructors, who is very professional and well prepared and dose there jobs with great passion. The studio is always very clean and very well equipped.

-Giorgia Mariucci

Why you should choose Pilates Dynamics

Pilates Dynamics is internationally recognised with global affiliations and professional associations. Our lectures have been exposed to numerous styles of Pilates and have many years of training and education experience (both nationally and internationally)

We take our training very seriously therefore we make sure that our courses are in-depth and intensive and offer an integration of anatomy, injuries and pathologies with recommendations and contra-indications, and exercise goals to ensure an understanding of the work including a full exercise video library of exercises in our manual.

How do I get started with my Pilates Journey at Pilates Dynamics?

Contact Pilates Dynamics on: 0729992229 or 0117925459 or
Email us on: