Spring is here and we are all so excited to leave our winter blues behind and bask in the glory that spring has to offer. Over the past couple of years, Pilates has become a household name in the Fitness Industry, and it keeps growing. There are many frequently asked Pilates questions, and this blog serves to answer some of the most asked questions by existing clients, new clients, and beginners to the Pilates method.

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All you need to do is book your orientation. *NB* Please note these slots are subject to availability so hurry and book your slot via this contact form on the Pilates Dynamics website.

1. What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed by a man called Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century and was originally called “Contrology”. Pilates is a full body workout, using springs, balance and various resistance training equipment and body weight resistance with control and precision by placing emphasis on the core to control proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment.  Joseph Pilates was involved in all different types of sports and developed this exercise method to create a 360-degree type of exercise with mind and body involved for sports as well as any other person, active or not.

Pilates strengthens stabiliser muscles which support the skeletal structure with emphasis on the spine which will ultimately improve posture and pain.

Different Types of Pilates

2. Would Pilates be a great Career move for me?

Pilates Dynamics is hands down one of the best Certified Pilates Educator in Johannesburg South Africa. At Pilates Dynamics, you get to learn an extensive repertoire together with modifications to make the exercises either more complex and/or easier.  The curriculum is of such a nature that it allows for Pilates Instructor to acquire not only rehabilitation skills, but also allows for athletic and sports conditioning to enhance the performance of sports men and women and to enhance movement in the life of ordinary men and women, whether active or not.

These Courses are ideal for Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Occupational Therapists, Dancers, Personal Trainers, Exercise Specialists and Fitness Specialists and even people with a completely different background who enjoys sports and exercise and is passionate about movement and exercise.  Should you not have any prior learning in Anatomy and Movement Science, or should you just need to brush up on your Anatomy, do not despair as Anatomy is included in our Courses. Our Courses give you the confidence to teach anywhere in the world and be your own boss, so it is safe to say Pilates is a great career move! You can check out our Course Info Pack for more information https://bitly.ws/TVkw

3. When will the next Pilates course start?

The next Pilates course will start at the end of September 2023 and following that, our next Pilates courses will start in February 2024.  Should your schedule be too busy to join a group date, you can always contact Pilates Dynamics with a view to doing your Pilates course on a private basis at dates and times that would suit your schedule.

Different Types of Pilates

4. Is Pilates only for women and does Pilates aid weightloss?

Pilates is for everyone! Pilates Dynamics has such a wide variety of clients who have thoroughly enjoyed Pilates at the studio ranging from kiddies, teens, seniors, men and women of different ages and sizes. Pilates is efficient when it comes to reducing one’s BMI (Body Mass Index) and giving a toned waist, abdomen and toned hip areas. It comes with consistency and dedication just like any other form of exercise one might engage in. The Pilates method is an excellent training method for Businessmen and Business women, People who spend a lot of time sitting, Runners, Cyclists, Strength training, CrossFit training, Weight training, Soccer players, Cricketers, and Golfers.

Different Types of Pilates

5. What is the difference between Mat and Equipment Pilates?

Mat Pilates usually allows you to use your own body as resistance against gravity with the help of balance and smaller type of equipment for extra resistance.  Then there are also Large Equipment classes (Pilates Reformer; Pilates Cadillac; Pilates Ladder Barrel; Pilates Towers; Pilates Wunda Chairs), which works with spring tension and smaller equipment is also added form extra resistance. 

Pilates Dynamics has one of the most well-equipped studios in Johannesburg South Africa and we offer an array of equipment to help keep your workouts interesting and fun. There is nothing worse than recycling the same 4 pieces of equipment when you do Pilates. It gets boring very quickly. Our classes tend to get fully booked and sometimes we have a waiting list because clients are after the ability to use so many different pieces of equipment, so they have something new to look forward to with every class.

At Pilates Dynamics we like to ensure that you enjoy Pilates, and you keep getting the full benefits, so we have an array of equipment that we use for our Pilates Mat classes that include Rebounders, Pilates TRX, Pilates step and arc barrels, Ballet Barre, Pilates Form Rollers to name a few. For our Large Equipment classes, we also use a variety of equipment including but not limited to Pilates Wunda Chair classes; Pilates Tower and Pilates Cadillac classes; Reformer Pilates classes and Pilates Ladder Barrel.

Different Types of Pilates

6. Is Pilates good for period cramps and can it help my mental health?

The short answer is YES! There are some Pilates moves that can reduce period cramps. Exercises such as the mermaid when combined with rotation and extension help promote blood flow to the stomach and pelvis by contracting these muscles, and then using them in a lengthening position in extension. All this helps to relax the abdomen.

Pilates for mental health- Pilates and breathing exercises can help to reduce anxiety and the incidence of panic attacks in people prone to these. While improving your physical health, Pilates also helps to restore emotional balance and gives clients a chance to disconnect from a hectic or stressful life and unwind for a short period.

7. I sit in front of my computer all day and feel stiff and sore. Can Pilates help?

Pilates exercises can help you straighten your spine, which can help with neck pain and compensate for ergonomic issues such as leaning forward when at your desk. Pilates is an excellent form of exercise since it focusses on your core strength and posture correction.

8. Pilates classes near me Price list

Pilates Dynamics studio has great prices for Pilates classes. The classes are never boring because the Pilates instructors are very innovative and challenging with their programs. You get to use an array of Equipment at very generous offers. 

9. Pilates classes near me Group class schedule

Pilates Dynamics has many classes to choose from. You can either join a group class, or you can do a one-on-one Pilates class or come with a friend and form a Pilates Duo session or even a Pilates Trio session or form your own private group! Note: Private Pilates classes can be booked anytime between 6h00 and 19h00. 

How do I get started with my Pilates Journey at Pilates Dynamics?

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