Comprehensive Course

R6,783.33R0.00 / month for 6 months

This is the FULL COURSE comprising of the Mat & Small Equipment above and the Pilates Large Equipment (Machines);

• Reformer
• Cadillac
• Chair
• Ladder Barrel
• Arc Barrels

(Basic to Advanced levels); AND
-Muscle Imbalances; Exercise Objectives; Exercise Modifications; Pregnancy; Auto-Immune Diseases; Additional Injuries & Pathologies not covered in the Mat program; Teaching & Cueing skills; Program Flow and Program Examples.


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Pilates Comprehensive Course (A combination of Pilates Mat & Small Equipment AND Pilates Large Equipment)

Total Course Hours = 450 Hours (inclusive of lecture hours, which is credited)

Breakdown of Practical Hours:
(Total Practical Hours are 360)
Self-Practice: 120 hours
Observation: 100 hours
Teacher Training: 140 hours

Additional Mentorship:
8 Hours Assisted teacher training classes
4 Hours Pre-Exam mentorship

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